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Post Boy
All the Club news that is fit to print...

The Post Boy is the Nevada Stamp Study Society’s monthly newsletter. It includes news, commentary and philatelic articles that cover a range of topics from philatelic basics to postal history to exhibiting. You can also read the editor's review of philatelic links on the web or try your hand at the Post Boy quiz.

Post Boy articles can be sent to the Editor, John Walter.

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Post Boy Archives

Original Post Boy Articles

Members, over the past few years, have been very good about writing philatelic articles for the Post Boy.  Since there are too many articles for this page, a new page was created.  

Post Boy articles archive


  Some interesting articles not on the archive page:

Holmsten Award 2013 - Hoover Dam Exhibit - by Terri Edwards

Paul Glass Awarded APS 50-year Medallion - 2013

NSSS Early History 1979 - by Doug Willick

Nevada Settlement Centennial Stamp & Reno Stamp Club - 1951 Author Unknown

40th Anniversary Articles from past Post Boys:

Key To The Safe-1985

August 1977

A Cold Day In June - 1984

Other articles of interest:

Free Stamp e-books for download - Short article where to look for early books.

The Travers Papers - Collection of early postmaster files and communications.

U.S. Joint Issues - List of about 40 joint stamp issues with other countries.