Connecting and supporting stamp collectors, of all ages and interests, in Northern Nevada since 1975.

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Award by American Philatelic Society
Oct. 14, 2021

Upcoming Events

Come see what's happening at the Nevada Stamp Study Society...

Meetings are held in the Silverada Estates Clubhouse at 2301 East Oddie Blvd., Reno, on the second and fourth Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon.  Social time and stamp trading starts around 9:00.  Coffee and refreshments are provided.

Starting in March 2021, meetings are in-person AND virtual using the Zoom app. Members are emailed Zoom instruction a few days before the meeting.

Membership is not required to attend the meetings.

Members only online auction started in Sept. 2020. Members are emailed instructions.

Summer Picnic:  August 2022 at 11 a.m. Same place as meetings - Silverada Clubhouse.

Auction Bucks Auction:  November 13, 2021 - same time as meetings.

Holiday Party:   December 11, 2021.  

Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show  - National Bowling Stadium Museum, 300 N. Center St., Reno
     2022 stamp show dates will be posted as soon as the venue and dates are confirmed.