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Gold award for club website by American Philatelic Society
Nov. 10, 2023


For club members who have stamp exhibit experience, your exhibits can be scanned and the information and exhibit can be enjoyed by all.  Please let me know if you have an exhibit (no minimum or maximum pages) to be scanned.  I like to scan at 300 dpi, so will need to use a table top scanner instead of my portable scanner.  The output is in PDF for the entire exhibit and individual pages can be viewed in JPG.

The First Residents of Northwest Nevada by Dick Dreiling  15 pages  

The Race To The Moon (And Beyond), The Apollo Program by Dick Dreiling   16 pages

The Chinese New Year  by Jean Johnson   81 pages

Nevada Revenue-Stamped Checks, Drafts, and Certificates of Deposit, 1862-1902  by A. David McHugh  72 pages  (Only viewed as a PDF file)

Wilkinsburg Stamp Club Souvenir Sheets  by Nadiah Beekun  14 pages

Marilyn Monroe Color Error Pane  by Nadiah Beekun  3 pages

My Favorite Thing pages

Starting in 2009, the club members were asked to develop one-page exhibits with the title “My Favorite Thing(s).”  The page could include any items (stamp, cover, image or combinations) to tell why the item(s) had a special meaning for them.

Here is a photo gallery of some of those pages.

     Stan Cronwall - 15 pages   

     Howard Grenzebach - 40 pages

     Barbara Diederichsen, Mike Del Grosso, Alexandra Kroenauer - 7 pages

     John Walter -  19 pages