Connecting and supporting stamp collectors, of all ages and interests, in Northern Nevada since 1975.

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Award by American Philatelic Society
Oct. 14, 2021

History of the Nevada Stamp Study Society
(compiled in 2006 by Howard Grenzebach)

The Nevada Stamp Study Society was formed on August 5, 1975 in Carson City, largely due to the efforts of Laura and Larry Wilhite. The first meeting of the NSSS was held at the Ormsby Public Library in Carson City. Tony Amaral, was the first president.

    Meetings were held at the library until they moved to Mallory Electric in Carson City. In 1978 the club members decided to go to Reno where the meetings were held at the Riverside Hotel, later at the University of Nevada Reno, then moved again to Sparks at The Heritage Museum.

    The first stamp show sponsored by the NSSS was held on May 15th and 16th, 1976 and was called the “Spring Exhibition”. It was held at the Carson Community Center. The name was later changed to NEVPEX and, finally, “The Greater Reno Stamp and Cover Show”. I am told by Dick Dreiling, one of our earliest members, “Our exhibits were thumb-tacked to celotex boards and wrapped in saran wrap.....Our bourse consisted of Larry "Skinhead" Wilhite (our only dealer).”

    The NSSS has hosted several shows that qualify as national shows, the first being the National Convention of the American First Day Cover Society in 1981. This was the year Dick Dreiling started as show chairman, and has been responsible for or played a major role in our shows ever since. At that show the Protection of Wildlife Habitats, a se-tenant block of four (Scott # 1924a), was issued. These were the first stamps ever issued in Reno. A Spring Meeting of the American Philatelic Society (a World Series of Philately show) was hosted by the NSSS. Also hosted by the NSSS was the National Convention of Universal Ship Cancellation Society and the American Topical Association (twice). At these shows two of the Transportation coils were issued. The Buckboard (#2124) and the Ambulance (#2128). The Peach (#2487) and Pear (#2488) stamps were issued at another NSSS show.

    In addition to our stamp show the NSSS has been active in the Reno Air Races and the NV State Fair in Reno. Small exhibitions have been placed around the city in libraries and post offices. And the NSSS has always promoted a “Junior” program to develop interest in stamp collecting among the youth of our area.

    The Post Boy, the newsletter of the NSSS, was started within six months of the first club meeting. The Post Boy logo, a post boy riding, blowing his post horn and carrying a banner proclaiming the NEWS, was given to us by Peter Blackmore in February of 1976. It was cut from an old Pony Express advertisement and is the same logo we use today. In the early days, the Post Boy was done on a typewriter, copied on a Xerox copier and mailed out each month. Now, it's done on a computer and sent via e-mail to many of our members and by post to the rest.

    Sometime in 1976, no doubt before the Spring Exhibition, a list of collecting interests of the members was made.  Below is that first membership list with collecting interests.

    Bill Oliver and Adrian O'Neill were made honorary members for coming to Reno to judge the exhibits at our first show. 

    There were forty-seven names on that list. Our membership now stands at fifty-four (in 2006). Three of the names on that list, Dick Dreiling, Bill Oliver and Al Shay (1921-2011), are still members of the NSSS.

1976-77 Membership List & Collecting Interests