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Award by American Philatelic Society
Oct. 14, 2021

Post Boy newsletter articles

 2021 Post Boy Articles:

1 – Fake Cancel on a New Year’s Postcard – Patrick Crosby

2 – U.S. Army Carries the Air Mail 1934 – Tom Reyman

3 – The Penny Black – Emmanuel GPS

4 – CAM 33 Comes to Arizona – 1930 – Tom Reyman

5 – The U.S. Airmail “Map” Stamps and a 1933 Usage – Patrick Crosby

6 – Unites States Offices in China – Emmanuel GPS

7 – Creating a Non-Competitive Exhibit Category – Howard Kadohiro

8 – March 14 – Pi Day & Start Daylight Saving Time – John Walter

9 – National Vietnam War Veterans Day – John Walter

10 – Postal Card, Phoenix to Reno – 1949 – Tom Reyman

11 – George, Martha And a Black Forest, Nevada, Postmark – Patrick Crosby

12 – The Oldest Man in the World – Howard Grenzebach

13 - Something to Die For?  - Stan Cronwall

14 - Penny Boxes & Books - John Walter & Betty Mudge

15 - Proposed 2021 NSSS Bylaws Revisions - Harvey Edwards

16 - Asylum Station, Massachusetts -  Patrick and Paul Crosby

17 - Rattlesnake Island Local Post Air Mail-  Tom Reyman

18 - Bonus Raffle Prize - Howard Grenzebach

19 - Attending Our Stamp Show – John Walter

20 - Two of My Favorite Things - Tuck Vosburg

21 - JIPEX – 1936 - Tom Reyman

22 - Address Correction Service with Extremely Rare Postage Due Meter - Patrick Crosby

23 – 2021 Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show Report – John Walter

24 - Youth Table Report (from stamp show) - Dave Gehringer

25 – 2021 WESTPEX Report – John Walter

26 - From England to Utah in 1890 - Tom Reyman

27 - Auction Catalogs After the Auction… - James Steckley

28 - The New U.S. Airmail Rate of 1928 - Tom Reyman

29 - Japanese Revenue – Official Mail Overprint - John Walter

30 - Worth A Dollar? - Stan Cronwall

31 - The United States Postal Agency in Shanghai, China - Patrick Crosby

32 - Self-Adhesive Stamp Removal Made Easy - James Steckley

33 – 2021 Salute to Our Military Veterans – John Walter

34 - “That Day I Will Never Forget” - Patrick Crosby

35 – The First 14 Online NSSS Auctions – Dave Parsons

36 - The Famous Trains Issue of 1999 - James Steckley

37 - 2021 Volunteers & Associated Club Activities – John Walter

New Members in 2021

Closed Album - Gert Perez

Closed Album - Brian Moody

Closed Album - Paul Glass

Dreiling Award recipient for John Walter

2020 Post Boy Articles:

        The Birth and Trials of a Stamp Show - Dick Dreiling
        The Two Million Dollar Stamp Collection - Gary Atkinson
        The Singer Building and Postal History - Pat Crosby

        Free Stuff on the Internet - John Walter

        Hiroshima-Shi (Hiroshima City), Two Stories - Howard Grenzebach

        Able Day, Bikini Atoll - John Walter

        National Vietnam War Veterans Day - John Walter

        Greetings From the West Indies -Pat Crosby

        Hawaii Fumigated Cover - Howard Kadohiro

        2020 Membership Profile - Howard Kadohiro

        Sad Message From the Past - Mike Del Grosso

        Boule de Moulins - Emmanuel GPS

        How About Stamps Face Values Denominated in Potatoes? - Stan Cronwall

        Philatelic Themed Face Covering - John Walter

        2020 Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show Canceled - Harvey Edwards

        They Were Expendable - Howard Kadohiro

        San Francisco Mail After the 1916 Earthquake - Emmanuel GPS

        Changes in Values of Hawaiian Stamps 2019 to 2020 - Howard Kadohiro

        Stamping in Quarantine - Dave Parsons

        2020 Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show Cancellation Covers - Harvey Edwards

        Leather Cards - Pat Crosby

        New Zealand Microlight Air Service - Tom Reyman

        Tin Can Mail - Emmanuel GPS

        Autographed Cover With Nevada Women Senators - Harvey Edwards

        Stamps From a Non-Existing Country - Emmanuel GPS

        Three Covers From Warsaw, Poland - Tom Reyman

        The First Commemorative Postal Issue - Pat Crosby

        3-cent Liberty Postal Card Sent to Members

        The German M Stamp - Emmanuel GPS

        Philosateleia Raffle Winner - John Walter

        2020 Salute to Our Military Veterans

        The Five-Day Stamps - Pat Crosby

        2021 Scott Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps and Covers - Howard Kadohiro

        The Year in Recap! - Harvey Edwards

        2020 Volunteer Activities

        CAM 18 - Elko to Reno, NV - Tom Reyman

        Member Spotlight - John Walter - Dave Parsons

        Member Spotlight - Barbara Stanfield - Dave Parsons

        New Member Profile - Tom Reyman

        New Member Profile - Trice & David Klauber

        Closed Album - John Wetterling - John Walter

        Closed Album - Bill Oliver - John Walter

        Closed Album - Gary Dahlke - Paul Glass

        Closed Album - Don Garrett - Jeanne Paquin & other remembrances

        Closed Album - Bill Littell - Glynis Littell, Nadiah Beekun, JJ Johnson & other remembrances

2019 Post Boy articles:

The One That Got Away - Unrequited Love - Stan Cronwall

Sparkling Holiday SS - John Walter

Stamp Collecting in the Soviet Union - Stan Cronwall

Two Bits of Alaskan History - Patrick Crosby

Ham-Fisted or Just Musically Illiterate - Stan Cronwall

The Last Set of Stamps Designed for the Third Reich - Stan Cronwall

Ladies and Gentlemen-Boys and Girls - Patrick Crosby

Book Review - “Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society” - Stan Cronwall

“Clothesline” Presentation at May 25 Meeting - John Walter

Attending Our Stamp Show - Erik Fields

Stamp Show Report 2019 - John Walter

Certified Mail and Its First Day of Issue - Patrick Crosby

Where the Hell is Heligoland - Stan Cronwall

Perfins-What are all those little holes I see on some of my stamps - Dave Parsons

Salute to our Military Veterans

Candy Dance 100th Anniversary - Dave Gehringer

Welcome to Reno The Best Town in the Country - Patrick Crosby

Spayed or Sprayed - Stan Cronwall

Barbara Diederichsen - Honorary Member

Closed Album - Ed Hartley

Closed Album - Stan Cronwall

2018 Post Boy articles:

Volunteer Activities 2018 - John Walter

A Tale of Two Holiday Cards - Patrick Crosby

Salute To Our Military Veterans 2018

A Thanksgiving Mishap - Patrick Crosby

The Anatomy of a Possible Future Exhibit-Maybe - Stan Cronwall

Recognizing Service to the NSSS and Our Hobby (Richard Dreiling Award) - Harvey Edwards

An Uncommon U.S. Coil Stamp on a Canadian Cover - Patrick Crosby

2018 APS Summer Stamp Show (brief) Report - Harvey Edwards

Trip to Columbus Ohio National APS Stamp Show - Susan Gehringer

Last Chance Joe Covers - Howard Kadohiro

Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Stan Cronwall

Help Spain - A French Fund-Raising Cinderella That Never Was - Stan Cronwall

Millers, Nevada - Postal History and Travel Guide - Patrick Crosby

Stamps of the Suez Canal Company - Stan Cronwall

Where Do I Find a “My Favorite Thing” In My Collection - Stan Cronwall

America’s Ugliest Stamp - John Walter

Spot The Difference - Stan Cronwall

Tag - You’re It.  A Discussion of Philatelic Luminescence - Dave Parsons

Ever Heard of Sparrigummi or Vollgummi? - Stan Cronwall

Whatever Happened to the 1940 Summer and Winter Olympic Games - Stan Cronwall

Philatelic Resolutions for 2018 - John Walter

2017 Post Boy articles:

Back Into The Weeds of German Postal History - Stan Cronwall

Volunteer Activities 2017 - John Walter

Salute To Our Military Veterans 2017 - Harvey Edwards & John Walter

The Stamp That Built a Canal - Stan Cronwall

Photos Attached to Post Cards - Patrick Crosby

Printing Your Own Album Pages - Alternative Methods - Dave Parsons

The Lure of a Dead Country - Stan Cronwall

One Grumpy Old Man’s Opinion - Stan Cronwall

Invalid Use of a Postal Card Stamp - Patrick Crosby

A Book Review of Sorts - Stan Cronwall

The Aha Phenomenon or What’s in a Club Raffle - Stan Cronwall

Return Postage Due - Patrick Crosby

A 65-cent Graf Zeppelin on Postcard - Patrick Crosby

My Take on “The Crimes at the Caves” - Stan Cronwall

Any Interest in Collecting Zepps? - Stan Cronwall

Betcha Dinno Know Much About the Artist Arthur Singer - Stan Cronwall

Stamps As Political Footballs - Stan Cronwall

Flyspecking Or a Disease - Stan Cronwall

A Private Mailing Card - Patrick Crosby

My Approach to the APS Winter Show in Reno - Stan Cronwall

2017 AmeriStamp Show - John Walter

Canadian Stamp Issued to Honor a Farm Tractor? - Stan Cronwall

Hamilton, Nevada - A Second-Class Post Office in a Ghost Town - Mike Del Grosso

Obliterated Postcards - Postal History or Trash? Both - Patrick Crosby

AmeriStamp Expo 2017 - John Walter

Errors, Freaks and Oddities - Stan Cronwall

The Open Door Variety of the 1928 Beacon Airmail - John Walter

My Wife’s Sable - Robert Martin

2016 Post Boy articles:

Thanks To All The Volunteers in 2016 - John Walter

Philatelic Railroad Ephemera - Stan Cronwall

One Dealer’s Trash - Stan Cronwall

My Exposition From an Exhibition - Patrick Crosby

Stamp Collecting Blogs - John Walter

NSSS - On the Rocks? - Stan Cronwall

My Recent Philatelic Purchase: Q-ships - Harvey Edwards

Flag Over Porch Reference Guide & Other Free Stuff - John Walter

Controversy! - Howard Grenzebach

Burning Man Mail - John Walter

Fly Specking In The World of Philately - Stan Cronwall

Overrun Countries Error? - Howard Grenzebach

Summary of the 2016 Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show - Harvey Edwards

The LZ 127 - Howard Grenzebach

Free Digital Perforation Gauge, Measurement, And Centering Tool - Dave Parsons

Exhibition Page Suggestions for My Favorite Things - Harvey Edwards

Going To Our Stamp Show in 2016 - John Walter

Legends Of The West Recalled Stamp - Story Behind The Issue - John Walter

Buy Me!  Buy Me Now! - Stan Cronwall

Philatelic Albinos - Stan Cronwall

Removal of Toning/Foxing From Older Stamps - Dave Parsons

A Visit To The National Postal Museum - Harvey Edwards

Printing And Perforation Stamp Service - John Walter

Origins Of The VW "Beetle/Bug" On Stamps - Stan Cronwall

A U.S. Postal Card Re-mailed In A Foreign Country - Patrick Crosby

Pillar-Style Mail Boxes In Hong Kong - Stan Cronwall

You Have The Right To Remain Silent, ... - Richard Simmonds

Stamp Collecting Software - Functions & Features - Dave Parsons

Carson City & Vassar Post Office Displays - John Walter

German "Espionage Stamps" Of WWII - Stan Cronwall

Bank Cover Sent "Surface Rate" via S/S Olympia To England - John Walter

2015 Post Boy articles:

Stamp Collecting At The Dentist's Office - Robert Martin

The DWI Mystery - Robert Martin

Great Britain Horizon Labels - Dave Parsons

Tips On Mailing - Using Older Postage Stamps - Nadiah Beekun

Honorary Life Membership for Dick Dreiling

U.S. Demonetized Stamps - Stan Cronwall

Learning To Exhibit Your Collection - Marla Wetterling

Holocaust Stamp Project - Dave Parsons

Hit Me by Lawrence Block (Book Review) - Stan Cronwall

Inverted Jenny Stamp Panes - John Walter

Chaloner Memorial Trophy Award for Terri & Harvey Edwards

2015 Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show - A Quick Summary

Tape Stains, Removable? Or How To Goop Your Stamps - Howard Grenzebach

Using A USB Microscope For Stamp Identification - Dave Parsons

The Raffle - Some Interesting Stuff - John Walter

Pi Day - John Walter

Postmark Collectors Club - Mike DelGrosso

Indian Reservation Stamps - John Walter

2013 Post Boy articles:

Holmsten Award 2013 - Hoover Dam Exhibit - by Terri Edwards

Paul Glass Awarded APS 50-year Medallion